Maróti Péter
Péter Maróti


Welcome to the homepage of Regional Innovation Agency of South Great Plain. The Regional Innovation Agency of South Great Plain (RIA) as a bridging institution started his function in 2005 in order to help the work of the actors of the regional innovation system.

The mission of RIA is to increase the competitiveness of the region while taking into account the principle of sustainable improvement. RIA, bearing competitiveness in mind as priority, strives to improve the international competitiveness of the region; innovation and enterprise oriented improvements of the knowledge based economy; to map the function of the organisations involved in the innovation process; to manage and organize the stakeholders to support the cooperation in order to the effective implementation of the innovation; as well as to improve the competitiveness and the attractiveness of the rural areas in favour of both those who live in this area and who practice entrepreneurial activity. Furthermore, among the objectives of RIA there is the awareness of the importance of the scientific careers, and innovative thinking.