• intellectual-property right protection related consultancy
  • technology-transfer consultancy
  • cluster-management advisory
  • innovation management consultancy services with excellence innovation certification (IMP3rove)
  • mediation of venture capital and business partnerships
  • writing proposals for calls/ tender related consultancy/ complex project management

Project-generating activities/project developing/project mentoring service

  • Supporting the process of innovative projects from the initial ideas until commercialization
  • Project developing workshop services

Feasibility studies, project implementation documents

  • innovation-strategy plan
  • market analysis
  • business- and marketing-concept elaboration, communication strategy elaboration
  • elaboration of feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis
  • supply- and work assignment contract elaboration
  • compiling reports 

Event planning

  • organizing workshops and thematic trainings
  • conferences, opening and closing event organization
  • convening of B2B event and business meeting